30 Rare Baby Girl Names that Start With A (2024)

Are you on the hunt for a unique rare baby girl name starting with the letter A? We’ve got an extensive list of fifty names and their meanings. Picking that initial letter is a significant step in the naming journey. Are you someone who opts for the same letter for everyone in the family, or is ‘A’ part of a cherished family tradition? We’re thrilled that you’re here to explore these names. Share your favorites in the comments – we’d love to hear from you.

The letter ‘A’ marks the beginning of the English alphabet and often sparks inspiration for parents naming their daughters. If you’re expecting and feel drawn to the letter ‘A,’ you’re in for a treat. A plethora of adorable baby girl names start with ‘A’ waiting to be discovered. Whether you seek something uncommon and distinctive or prefer a timeless and traditional choice, the options for ‘A’ names are wonderfully diverse and abundant.

Here are the list of 30 Rare Baby Girl Names that Start With A (2024)


Other Origin(s): Hebrew

Meaning: Industrious, Striving; Work

Amelia is a girl’s name that comes from Latin roots. It originates in the ancient Roman Aemilia family and the Hebrew word ‘amal,’ which means ‘hardworking’ and ‘striving.’ Once not so common, Amelia has become more popular lately because it sounds lovely and holds inspiring meanings. If you name your baby Amelia, she’ll likely grow up knowing the importance of working hard. She’ll be creative, determined, and honest, making her dreams a reality.


Other Origin(s): British

Meaning: Blessed, Happy; Ash tree

Asher is a name with Hebrew roots that can be used for any gender. While traditionally given to boys, it’s also gained popularity for girls recently. In the Hebrew Bible, Asher is known as Jacob’s eighth son and the founder of the Tribe of Asher, one of Israel’s Twelve Tribes. Jacob blessed Asher, and Moses spoke highly of him, saying, ‘May Asher be blessed above other sons.’ That’s why the Torah suggests Asher means ‘blessed’ and ‘happy’—making it a fortunate choice for a baby. Among Jewish families and in Jewish stories, Asher is quite common. It’s even the name of the main character in Chaim Potok’s book ‘My Name is Asher Lev’ and its sequels. Additionally, Asher can be linked to nature, coming from the Old English word ‘asche,’ which means ‘ash tree.’ Whether you aim to connect your baby to your faith or their earthly origins, Asher sets a memorable beginning.


Origin: Gaelic

Meaning: Little fire

Aiden is a name that works well for any gender, and it comes from Irish and Gaelic backgrounds, meaning ‘little fire.’ It’s a contemporary twist on the classic Irish name Aodhán, which traces back to ‘Aodh,’ signifying ‘fire.’ Fire symbolizes many things—it can be cozy and reassuring or fierce and intense. Aiden captures this dynamic energy and warmth, making it an excellent pick for your lively little one.


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: My father’s joy

Abigail is a beautiful name for girls, originating from Hebrew roots. It’s closely linked with a figure known for her intelligence and charm. Coming from the ancient name Avigail, Abigail combines ‘ab,’ meaning ‘father,’ with the Hebrew root ‘g-y-l,’ which means ‘to rejoice.’ This name carries various meanings, but ‘my father’s joy’ remains the most cherished. Abigail’s prominence in the Hebrew Bible is well-deserved, especially as King David’s second wife and one of the seven female Jewish prophets. With her eloquence and unwavering faith, your little Abigail will bring joy and pride to those around her.


Origin: Greek

Meaning: Messenger; Messenger of God

Angel is a versatile name suitable for anyone, regardless of gender, and it enjoys popularity in both the US and Spain. With its roots in Greek, it signifies ‘messenger.’ Yet, in biblical contexts, it holds a profound significance as a divine envoy from God. Whether you’re seeking a spiritual connection for your little one or simply adore the celestial essence of the name, Angel could be a delightful choice to bring happiness and inspiration to your family. Interestingly, the TV series Angel, a spin-off from Buffy the Vampire Slayer starring David Boreanaz, significantly boosted its popularity.


Origin: British

Meaning: son of Adam

Addison is a name that suits both boys and girls and originates from Britain. It’s a variant of Addyson and Adamson, carrying the surprising meaning ‘son of Adam.’ If you or your baby have British heritage, you might find it charming that Addison is linked to the Old Scottish and Northern Middle English nickname, Addie. Beyond its endearing roots, Addison is also the name of a vibrant urban town in Dallas, Texas. With a name like Addison, your baby can always carry a reminder of their family’s legacy.


Origin: British

Meaning: Noble strength

Audrey is a lovely name for girls from Britain, and it signifies ‘noble strength.’ This classic name traces back to the Anglo-Norman era and has remained beloved. If you’re considering naming your baby after a famous figure, look no further than the timeless Hollywood actress, humanitarian, and style icon Audrey Hepburn, who epitomized grace and sophistication. With a name like Audrey, your baby is bound to carry themselves with elegance and inner strength, impacting all they encounter.


Origin: Latin

Meaning: Fall, season of harvest

Autumn is a beautiful name for girls, with its roots in Latin, meaning ‘fall’ or ‘harvest season.’ This cherished time of year stems from the Latin term ‘autumn,’ signifying the season of ‘fall’ or ‘autumn.’ Some believe Autumn also connects to the Old French word ‘autompne.’ Whether you’re expecting your baby in the fall or admiring the enchanting beauty of the season, Autumn is a delightful choice for your little pumpkin.


Origin: German

Other Origin(s): French

Meaning: elf ruler

Aubrey’s journey from a masculine name to a gender-neutral gem is enchanting. With roots in German and French, Aubrey went through various forms before settling into its present versatile identity. Originating from the Old High German term Alberich, it translates to ‘elf ruler,’ paying homage to mythical figures. In Proto-Germanic, ‘albiz’ often refers to supernatural beings, like the mighty dwarf Alberich, known for his strength and invisible cloak. This mystical character inspired many literary figures, including Shakespeare’s fairy king Oberon. As the heart of young Aubrey’s name, this guardian encourages embracing individuality to the fullest.


Origin: Greek

Meaning: Goddess of Wisdom

Athena is a lovely name for girls, rooted in Greek mythology, and it encourages your baby to reach for the stars in life. It’s inspired by the Greek goddess Athena, who embodies wisdom, warfare, and craftsmanship—qualities that can guide your child throughout their journey. Legend has it that Athena sprang entirely from Zeus’ forehead, gifted the world with the first olive tree, and aided numerous Greek heroes. With her boundless strength and wisdom, Athena is a name that your baby can proudly carry.


Origin: Latin

Other Origin(s): Hebrew; Persian

Meaning: bird; birdlike; life; voice; sound

Ava is a beautiful name for girls, with its origins rooted in Latin, though its exact history remains a bit mysterious. Its gentle sound evokes thoughts of a serene prayer or a soothing melody. Some believe Ava comes from the Latin word ‘avis,’ meaning ‘bird’ or ‘birdlike.’ Alternatively, it might be linked to Eva, originating from the Hebrew ‘Havva,’ which translates to ‘life.’ In Persian, Ava shares similarities with ‘Āvā,’ which means ‘voice’ or ‘sound.’ Brimming with vitality, Ava embodies an irresistible zest for life, promising to uplift your little one from their very first moments.


Origin: British

Meaning: elf counsel, ruler of elves

Avery is a name that works well for any gender and originates from Britain. It carries a blend of versatility and intrigue, meaning being ‘elf counsel’ or ‘ruler of elves.’ This name opens up a realm of possibilities, whether you’re a fan of fantasy movies or your baby is due around Christmas time. If you’re searching for a name with a touch of magic, Avery is a captivating choice worth exploring.


Origin: Italian

Other Origin (s): Greek, Persian, Hebrew

Meaning: Song, melody

Aria is a delightful name of Italian Origin that suits any gender, especially for your budding singer. In Italian, ‘Aria’ literally translates to ‘air,’ it also refers to a captivating musical term used in operas, embodying the character’s emotions at a pivotal moment in the performance. Beyond Italy, Aria has ties to Hebrew and Greek, symbolizing strength like a ‘lioness,’ in Persian, it signifies ‘nobility.’ This name has surged in popularity recently, partly thanks to beloved fictional characters like Aria Montgomery from Pretty Little Liars and Arya Stark from Game of Thrones.


Origin: Latin

Other Origin(s): Roman

Meaning: Dawn

Aurora is a beautiful name for girls with roots in Latin. It means ‘dawn,’ evoking visions of the enchanting aurora borealis. This serene name could be the perfect fit for the newest addition to your family. In Roman mythology, Aurora was the goddess of sunrise, which explains why Disney chose it for its iconic Sleeping Beauty. Unlike the princess, this little dreamer won’t wait around for her adventure to begin. Aurora can embark on her journey with the rising sun and turn her dreams into reality.


Origin: Latin

Other Origin(s): Greek

Meaning: From Hadria; Rich

Hadria was a town in northern Italy, and it’s the namesake of the Adriatic Sea. The name Adrian originates from Hadria, meaning ‘from Hadria.’ It is a saint’s name used by early popes, including Adrian IV, the only English pope, and Adrian VI, the only Dutch pope. With Greek roots, Adrian also carries the alternative meaning of ‘rich.’ Throughout the 20th and 21st centuries, Adrian has been a popular masculine name. However, some parents might find its similarity to the female name Adrienne a concern. Actors Adrian Grenier and Adrien Brody showcase different spellings of the name.


Origin: German

Meaning: Noble, exalted

Alice is a timeless feminine name originating from Germany. It’s a shortened form of the Germanic name Adalheidis, which means ‘noble’ and ‘exalted.’ Thanks to Lewis Carroll’s beloved Alice in Wonderland, this name gained popularity around the early 1900s and has remained a cherished choice ever since. For their children, Alice was embraced by notable figures like Tina Fey in 2005 and Theodore Roosevelt in the 19th century. While Alice strongly associates with girls, some parents are also breaking societal norms by considering it for boys, highlighting its versatile charm.


Origin: Arabic

Meaning: rising, ascending; highborn, exalted, sublime

If you’re searching for a name that embodies beauty and elegance, look no further than Aaliyah. This feminine name has Arabic roots, symbolizing ‘rising,’ ‘ascending,’ and ‘highborn.’ Its profound meanings make it a meaningful choice, particularly for baby girls within the Muslim community. Aaliyah is also famously linked to the American singer, the ‘Princess of R&B,’ adding a touch of glamour to its allure.


Origin: Sanskrit

Other Origin(s): Hebrew; Latin

Meaning: Eternal, immortal; Goddess; To be loved; God said; Promised by God

Amari is a versatile gender-neutral name with fascinating origins and meanings. In Sanskrit, it signifies ‘goddess,’ but it may also stem from Amara, representing ‘eternal’ or ‘immortal.’ In Latin, Amari can derive from the verb ‘to be loved,’ adding a tender connotation. Meanwhile, Hebrew translates to ‘God said’ or ‘promised by God.’ With such a diverse range of positive meanings, Amari emerges as a beautiful and meaningful choice for your baby.


Origin: Greek

Meaning: Enduring, to endure

Atlas is a name that works well for any gender and has its roots in Greek mythology. It means ‘enduring’ or ‘to endure,’ reminiscent of the mythical Titan who carried the world’s weight on his shoulders. It’s a name fit for any child, inspiring them to discover their inner strength, just like the mighty gods. This worldly name is perfect for little adventurers ready to conquer the world. Its recent rise in popularity owes much to celebrities like leading lady and entrepreneur Shay Mitchell choosing it for their children.


Origin: Latin

Other Origin(s): French

Meaning: Bowman

Archer is a versatile name that suits any gender, with French, Latin, and English origins, and it means ‘bowman.’ Coming from the Latin word ‘arcarius’ and the French ‘archier,’ it originally served as a surname for skilled archers in the Middle Ages. Only in the 19th century did it step into the spotlight as a first name. Striking a balance between the more formal ‘Archibald’ and the friendly ‘Archie,’ Archer also offers the option for a cute nickname. Its cross-gender appeal and modern vibe make Archer a name that hits all the right marks.


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: He [God] has favored me

Anna is a charming girl’s name with Hebrew roots, signifying ‘he [God] has favored me.’ It’s long been cherished by Christians, thanks to its connection to Saint Anna, the mother of the Virgin Mary. More recently, it captured hearts as the name of the lovable youngest sister in the popular children’s movie Frozen. Anna is a delightful choice for any baby girl, offering a timeless alternative to the name Hannah.


Origin: German

Other Origin(s): French; British

Meaning: noble

Take away the ‘M’ from Madeline, and you have Adeline. It’s a lovely name with various forms like Adelaide, Adalyn, Adalynn, and Adelyn. Adeline originates from Germany, where ‘adel’ means ‘noble,’ and it’s seen as the diminutive form of Adele, a French name. While it was hugely popular in the early 20th century, it faded in popularity over the years. However, at the turn of the century, it made a remarkable comeback as vintage girl names regained popularity. Simon Helberg from The Big Bang Theory chose Adeline for his daughter in 2012.


Origin: British

Meaning: ash tree town

Ashton is a name that works for any gender and comes from English roots. It means ‘ash tree town’; while traditionally more common for boys, it’s just as charming for baby girls. Originally, Ashton was a place name in England before transforming into a given name. A big boost in its popularity came with actor Ashton Kutcher’s rise in fame, and it’s still going strong, proving itself to be a timeless choice.


Origin: Greek

Meaning: Defender of humankind

Alex is a versatile name with Greek roots, carrying the powerful meaning of “defender of humankind.” Its origins lie in the ancient Greek name Alexandros, formed from “Alex,” meaning “to defend” or “to protect” and “aner,” translating to “man” or “warrior.” While Alex is a shortened version of the more traditional names Alexander and Alexandra, it has become a popular standalone first name in its own right. Choosing Alex for your baby ensures a timeless Greek name that fosters a sense of chivalry and a strong, protective spirit.


Origin: Russian

Other Origin(s): Latin, French

Meaning: Light; Noble

Imagine having your very own Sun Summoner at home with a beautiful Russian girl named Alina. Derived from the Latin name Albus, meaning “light,” and the French name Adeline, signifying “noble,” Alina radiates brightness and nobility. You might recognize Alina as the name of the main character in Leigh Bardugo’s captivating Shadow and Bone trilogy, as well as its Netflix adaptation.

Just like Alina Starkov possesses the remarkable ability to summon the light and warmth of the sun, your baby will illuminate each day, becoming your sunbeam, bringing joy and warmth to your lives together.


Origin: Latin

Other Origin(s): Igbo; Sanskrit; Spanish

Meaning: Everlasting; Grace; Immortal; To love; Bitter”

Amara is a name with rich multicultural roots and diverse meanings. Originating primarily from Latin, it signifies ‘everlasting’ or ‘bitter.’ Among Igbo, Sanskrit, and Spanish speakers, it represents ‘grace,’ ‘immortal,’ and ‘to love,’ respectively. While it’s commonly used as a girl’s name; Amara is also prevalent as a boy’s name in Nigeria and other African regions. Choosing the name Amara is a wonderful way to express love and affection for your baby, even before you meet them.


Origin: Greek

Meaning: Manly; Virile

Andrea is a name that works for any gender and has its roots in Greece. It means ‘manly’ and ‘virile,’ encouraging your baby to embrace their inner strength regardless of their gender identity. With its versatility, Andrea offers various pronunciation options, allowing your little one to personalize the name and make it their own. It’s also associated with meanings like ‘strong’ and ‘brave,’ making your new addition ready to tackle the world confidently.


Origin: Greek

Other Origin(s): Russian

Meaning: Resurrection

Anastasia is a charming name with Greek and Russian roots, signifying ‘resurrection.’ It originated from the masculine Greek name Anastasius, which shares the exact Origin. With its deep connection to faith, Anastasia can be a fitting choice for a baby born around Christmas or Easter. Beyond its religious significance, Anastasia is also recognized worldwide as a historical figure, famously known as the lost daughter of the last czar of Russia. Her story has been immortalized in literature and film, including a beloved animated adaptation. Whether drawn to its religious connotations or captivated by history, welcoming baby Anastasia into your life promises a fresh beginning.


Origin: British

Meaning: aspen tree, shaking tree

If you’re a nature enthusiast, this name is tailor-made for your little adventurer-to-be. Aspen holds a special significance—it’s not just the name of a luxurious ski resort town in Colorado; it’s also a type of tree with beautiful heart-shaped leaves. Unsurprisingly, it translates to ‘aspen tree’ or ‘shaking tree.’ Aspen is a lovely gender-neutral option that celebrates the wonders of the great outdoors in every aspect.


Origin: Greek

Other Origin(s): Welsh

Meaning: Most holy; Silver

Ariana is a graceful name with Greek origins, symbolizing ‘most holy.’ It shares its roots with the Ancient Greek name Ariadne, where ‘ari’ signifies ‘excellence’ and ‘adnos’ conveys ‘pure’ or ‘sacred.’ Additionally, in Welsh, Ariana means ‘silver.’ Whichever meaning resonates with you, this name will always remind your baby of their preciousness and uniqueness.

Conclusion – 30 Rare Baby Girl Names that Start With A (2024)

In conclusion, rare baby girl names that begin with the letter “A” provide a peek into human expression’s limitless creativity and diversity. Whether it’s a timeless classic or a contemporary innovation, these names are enchanted with their elegance, charm, and meaningful symbolism. To all the parents stepping into the adventure of naming their child, may you discover inspiration in the beauty of these rare names and the unique stories they convey.

FAQ – 30 Rare Baby Girl Names that Start With A (2024)

What is a good name for the letter A?

Some of the most famous names starting with “A” for boys include Alexander and Andrew. For girls, top “A” names often include Amelia, Ava, Ashley, Alexis, Amanda, Amy, and Angela.

Is it a girl’s name?

If you want a name that makes a statement, consider Unique! This gender-neutral option is a strong pick because it means “only one.” Coming from the Latin root unicus, Unique embodies individuality and rarity, ensuring your child stands out brilliantly.

Is Queen a girl’s name?

Queen is a baby girl name with British roots. Evolving from the old English word cwene, which translates to “woman” or “wife,” this name has a historical and regal vibe from medieval times to contemporary royalty. Notably reigning in Nigeria, Tanzania, and Zambia, the Queen has left its mark in both East and West Africa, adding a touch of majesty to its legacy.

Are rare baby girl names starting with “A” suitable for all cultures and backgrounds?

Yes, rare baby girl names starting with “A” can suit all cultures and backgrounds. The appropriateness depends on personal preferences and cultural significance to each family.

How do I ensure that a rare baby girl’s name is easy to pronounce and spell?

To ensure a rare baby girl’s name is easy to pronounce and spell, consider selecting names with familiar phonetic sounds and straightforward spellings. Additionally, you can test the name with friends and family to gauge their ease of pronunciation and spelling.

Do rare baby girl names carry cultural significance beyond their origins?

Yes, rare baby girl names can carry cultural significance beyond their origins. They may reflect diverse traditions, historical events, or symbolic meanings that resonate across various cultures and communities.

Are there any famous personalities with rare baby girl names starting with “A”?

There are famous personalities with rare baby girl names starting with “A.” Some examples include Aaliyah, Amara La Negra, and Azura Skye.

What factors should I consider when deciding on a rare baby girl name for my child?

When deciding on a rare baby girl name, consider factors like cultural significance, ease of pronunciation, family preferences, and the potential meaning or symbolism behind the name. Ensure it resonates with you and holds a special connection.

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